this is places you can go instead of the mainstream social media/fourm hubs.

social media

facebook alts
dispora federated version of facebook link
hubzilla decentralized version of facebook link
friendica a decentralized facebook-like social media link
alts to twitter
mastodon federated version of twitter link
pleroma decenttralized varsion of twitter link
misskey federated version of twitter(popular in japan) link
other social media federated version of instagram link
peertube federated version of youtube link
writefreely federated blogging link


list of tildies and pubnixes website with a list of many public shells to join link
tildeverse a list of tilde pubnix servers to join and other services link


places to telnet to
mudconnect many muds you can play via telnet or an client link
telnet bbs a list bbs syetems to telnet to and hangout in link
telehack telnet server with many cool thing to look at(also avalable via the web) link(web version)

alt protocols

alt protocols
gopher an internet protocol predatting the web link
gemini a new lightweight protocol focoused on minimalism link
alt protcol links
go where nobody has gone before