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hello everyone and welcome to my little corner of the web.I hope you enjoy what you see here
i created this website to play around with html,css and javascript and to share thing i find
on the wonderful world wide web.Thank you kyle drake for this revival of geocities and i hope
you,the neocities team,the neocities community, and neocities live long and prosper.Below is some
answers you may or may not have about this site or its creator.Also donate to neocities if you can

what is this site?

a place to share things i find on the internet,If it's interesting enough
i make a section dedicated to it.

why does it look like it does?

because i wanted it to be a simple design and make look like it's from the 90's
to pay homeage to neocities's grandfather geocities.

hacking stuff?

that section of the website is for people wondering how hacking works
and to give resources to practice it without worrying about going to
jail.0ne more thing--> HACK TO LEARN AND HACK THE PLANET!

who are you?

another faceless wonderer of cyberspace, just like you.

what are your hobbies?

programming,playing video games,making stuff with my computer, and listening to music

mac or pc?

I perfer linux. Right now i am using manjaro,a easy to use distro based on arch linux.

whats your fave programming languages?

python,bash,javascript, and arnoldc

what do you want to be in life?

  • a security resercher(white hat hacker)
  • a game dev
  • a web dev
  • that chill guy that everyone likes and can have a beer with


my soundcloud <-- dumb stuff i make with audacity
my github <-- nothing much here at the moment
my games <-- nothing much here at the moment
my youtube channel <-- my youtube channel for my playlists and videos
my mastodon <-- my fediverse account

MY buttons :)

you can download the buttons and put them on your site if you want to (no hotlinking please)