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open source games
xonotic a fast-paced first person shooter similar to the quake and unreal tournment games. link
openarena a first person shooter based on the idTech3 engine link
openra an open source clone of the command & conquer games. link
battle of wesnoth a turn-based strategy game with a good campaign. link
supertuxkart a mario kart type game with open source mascots instead of nintendo characters. link
nethack a roguelike game where you explore a dungeon to try to optain the amulet of yender. link
dungeon crawl stone soup a roguelike game where you explore a dungeon to try to potain the orb of zot. link
freeciv a open source clone of the civilization games. link
openttd an open source clone of transport tycoon deluxe link
flightgear a flight simulater with a lot of planes to fly. link
duck marines a open source clone of chu chu rocket link
hedgewars a open source clone of the worms game series. link
mari0 the original super mario game but with the portal gun from portal. link
minetest a open source clone of minecraft. link
ufo alien invasion a open source clone of the xcom games. link
teeworlds a open source multiplayer shooter link
0ad a historical rts game similer to age of empires link
GLtron a tron lightcycle game link
sonic robo blast 2 a 3d sonic game link
zero-k a rts game with robots and stuff link
freeware games(free as in beer)
octodad a third-person adventure game where you are an octopus dad and do various tasks.
(scroll down to find the original freeware version)
which a short horror game where you have to find a way out of the house link
the white chamber a point 'n click horror adventure game set in space link
yume nikki a surreal adventure game where you play a little girl that explores her dreams. link
cave story one of the best games you will ever play. link
i wanna be the guy a very hard adventure platformer game with a lot of video game references link
knytt a game where you explore the world and find parts of a ufo link
super crate box a arcade shooter where you survive waves of enimies link
megaman 8 bit deathmatch a fast-paced firstperson shooter game with mega man goodness inside link
barkley, shut up and jam a rpg where you play as famous NBA player charles barkley and save the world link
Katawa shoujo a visual novel about girls with disabilities link
battleships forever a tactical strategy game where you command a fleet of spaceships link
enviro-bear 2000 a game where you play a bear driving a car link
pirate bay bundle a torrent with a bunch of weird little games in it link
irisu syndrome a cool japanese puzzle game with a cool story.(english patch: patch) link
warning forever a shmup with only bossfights.each boss learns from the last boss you kill. link
TUMIKI Fighters a shmup with adorable ghraphics link
Photopia a interactive fiction game with a interesting story link

the following websites are good places to find free games