free wiki software
mediawiki a wiki that is very popular and has extension(wikipedia uses this software) link
pmwiki a simple to install and use wiki software link
dokuwiki a wiki that requires no database link
tiddlywiki a lightweight wiki that saves into single html file link
tikiwiki a wki with a lot of features link
cool wikis to visit
cutting room floor a wiki dedicated to finding unused content in games link
uncyclopedia parody of wikipedia with many satire articles link
botwiki wiki documenting and creating social media bot accounts link
know your meme a wiki dedicatied to catloging memes link
ti basic dev wiki for making programs for calculators link
free imageborad/textborad software
vichan a imageborad script with many features link
kareha a bbs script similer to to 2chan link
lynxchan a imageborad script that runs on node.js link
emanon a improved version of tablecat imageborad script link
tinyib a lightweight imageborad script link
cool imageborads
lainchan a imageborad themed around cyberpunk and the lain anime link
uboachan a imagebored themed around yume nikki link
letterbox a text bored themed around the post office link
sushigirl a imagebored with comfy vibes link
bus stop a small imagebored where all post stay only one day link
wirechan an small cyberpunk & tech imagebored link
4-ch an old textbored link an imagebored of kindness link