open source games
xonotic a fast-paced first person shooter similar to the quake and unreal tournment games. link
openra an open source clone of the command & conquer games. link
battle of wesnoth a turn-based strategy game with a good campaign. link
supertuxkart a mario kart type game with open source mascots instead of nintendo characters. link
nethack a roguelike game where you explore a dungeon to try to optain the amulet of yender. link
dungeon crawl stone soup a roguelike game where you explore a dungeon to try to potain the orb of zot. link
freeciv a open source clone of the civilization games. link
openttd an open source clone of transport tycoon deluxe link
flightgear a flight simulater with a lot of planes to fly. link
hedgewars a open source clone of the worms game series. link
minetest a open source clone of minecraft. link
zero-k a rts game with robots and stuff link
sonic robo blast 2 a 3d sonic game link
endless sky a cool space trading combat game. link
pioneer a cool space adventure game link
freeware games
which a short horror game where you have to find a way out of the house link
the white chamber a point 'n click horror adventure game set in space link
yume nikki a surreal adventure game where you play a little girl that explores her dreams. link
cave story one of the best games you will ever play. link
i wanna be the guy a very hard adventure platformer game with a lot of video game references link
knytt a game where you explore the world and find parts of a ufo link
super crate box a arcade shooter where you survive waves of enimies link
barkley, shut up and jam a rpg where you play as famous NBA player charles barkley and save the world link
Katawa shoujo a visual novel about girls with disabilities link
battleships forever a tactical strategy game where you command a fleet of spaceships link
enviro-bear 2000 a game where you play a bear driving a car link
pirate bay bundle a torrent with a bunch of weird little games in it link
irisu syndrome a cool japanese puzzle game with a cool story.(english patch: patch) link
warning forever a shmup with only bossfights.each boss learns from the last boss you kill. link
TUMIKI Fighters a shmup with adorable ghraphics link
Photopia a interactive fiction game with a interesting story link
sites with downloadable free games indie game site with a free games section link
gamejolt indie game site with a free game section link
steam very popular game download site free game section link
gog(good old games) vintage game download site with a free section link
glorious trainwrecks site dedicated to making random free games link
ifdb big database of interactive fiction games to download link
/v/ game wiki wiki with many open source games to download link
if archive big archive of interactive fiction games. link
open source game clones list of open source game clones of popular games link
libre game wiki a wiki of open source/libre games link