this section of the website is to answer questions that you may(or may not) have about the websites creator.

who are you?

just another person on the internet, just like you.

why does you website look like it does?

because i wanted to design it like an old-school geocities
page which neocities is inspired by.

what is this site?

a place to share things i find on the internet,If it's interesting enough
i make a section dedicated to it.

what are your hobbies?

programming,playing video games,making stuff with my computer
and lisitening to music

whats your fave programming languages?

bash and python

why do you go by jojo?

because its a family nickname they gave me when i was little

Hacking stuff?

i made that section for anyone curious to how hacking works and have a place to practice without worry about going to jail: HACK TO LEARN AND HACK THE PLANET!!

my buttons you can download